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Discover the Literary World of Richard Mays

Dive into the literary world of Richard Mays, husband of Mayasari Effendi, with captivating books available on Amazon. Explore his thought-provoking narratives and compelling storytelling that promise to engage and inspire readers of all interests. Discover his works today!

Children Do Ask The Most Fascinting Questions

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Nick and Mayasari Make Tempeh

Food speaks in a universal language. A young girl from Indonesia and a young boy from Indiana learn that life can be made easier when sharing a meal of Tempeh. Exotic or commonplace, cooking is an ambassador that opens doors and starts conversations that bring us all a little closer.

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Rush Limbaugh and Noble Albino Redwood Tree

The incredible, yet true story of a marvel of the natural world. It can not fight for its own survival so that task falls to humankind to be its protector.

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A St. Anthony Bingo Story

Of all the Christmas Bingo Stories, this may very well be the best one!

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Opening a business is a challenge. Opening a business in a place that does not naturally enjoy change is a huge undertaking. This is not only the story of opening an Indonesian restaurant in Greensburg, Indiana, but also Indonesian history and the story of Richard and Mayasari. Each story is wrapped with a recipe that has made us a success.

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Postcards from Greensburg

Small towns are rich in history and lessons. Some are well-known and others are passed from one individual to another. What stories do your town tell you?

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Tokek's Indonesian Adventure

Tokek was born in the small town of Poso on the island of Sulawesi. His explorations were confined to what he could walk to and from before the sun went down. When he was asked for help, this caused him to suddenly become aware of the amazing world in which he lived. Not realizing that the world needs people like him to share its incredible stories with, he became a reluctant explorer in the country of Indonesia.

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